21st CP exclusives

Chances are if you own a ‘99-04 Saleen Mustang equipped with a supercharger you have probably noticed that after accelerating aggressively just a couple of times (especially in warm weather) your car may start to feel sluggish. This is caused by high IATs (inlet air temperatures). Your vehicle’s computer reacts to these high temperatures by pulling out timing to reduce the chance of detonation that can (and will) cause devastating engine damage. This also severely robs power! These conditions are further aggravated by increased boost and more aggressive tunes.

A poor intercooler design by Saleen is the main cause of these high IATs. The design allows a lot of air to pass around the intercooler rather than through it. The air that does make it through the stock undersized intercooler is not transferring heat into the intercooler to be carried away to the heat exchanger at the rate a larger more efficient intercooler could be.

To remedy this, we use the absolutely largest, highest quality US made core that can physically fit into the Saleen manifold. A specially designed plate that forces 100% of the air through the intercooler, not around it, results in lower IATs, more power and less chances of detonation that leads to catastrophic engine failure. The intercoolers are assembled, hand-welded and pressure tested right here in Southern California and carry a 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.

Key benefits:

Larger, more efficient core

100% of the air is forced through the intercooler

Lowers IATs and increases power

30-40RWHP increase with proper tune is not uncommon

Proudly made in the USA

Exclusive product offered ONLY by 21st Century Performance

Price : $899.00 – Call 310-425-8700 to order.

Due to age and normal wear and tear, the stock intercooler water lines tend to swell and clog with hardened sentiment restricting critical flow. We offer a beautiful solution. Our exclusive replacement line kits are made of braded steal lines and nickel plated fittings which include all seven lines needed.

Price: $249.00 – Call 310-425-8700 to order.

Our reseal kit provides all the gaskets necessary to install your new intercooler and reseal any ‘99-04 Series 1-4 Saleen supercharger. No longer produced by Saleen, we are the exclusive source for these gaskets.

Price: $79.00 – Call 310-425-8700 to order.